10/26-27/2012 – Finances Through the Lens of the Spirit at Stony Run


 Finances Through the Lens of Spirit:
Inviting Open Conversations
about Money in
Friends Meetings & Organizations

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Friday, October 26                 5:00pm—9:00pm
Saturday, October 27             8:30am—5:00pm

Where: Stony Run Friends Meeting, 5116 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD  21210

Cost: $25.00 pre-registration or $30.00 at the door.  Fee includes materials, dinner on Friday, light lunch, coffee and snacks on Saturday.  Overnight hospitality available.


How can thoughtful and transparent financial management support Friends’ testimonies and values? From fundraising challenges to simply having an open conversation about how finances can better express Quaker values and your meeting’s or organization’s priorities, we all labor to find rightly-ordered ways of working together on financial matters.

Among the topics to be covered:

  • Fostering and encouraging open conversations among Friends about money
  • Understanding financial reports for effective use in the discernment process
  • Communicating financial outcomes clearly
  • Reflecting Quaker values in managing money through socially responsible investing
  • Understanding and offering a variety of charitable options
  • Managing uneven cash flows: the use of working capital
  • Managing restricted funds: ensuring appropriate use of special-purpose funds
  • Practicing Presence in Our Financial Lives

Who should attend this program? Anyone involved with (or interested in) the financial management of a Friends’ meeting or organization is encouraged to attend. This program will address the financial concerns of Friends groups of all sizes and levels of financial complexity. We particularly urge meetings and organizations to encourage and support the attendance of their treasurers, accountants, bookkeepers and finance committee members.

Who will be facilitating this program? Two experienced Friends with an interest in and passion for these issues will be sharing their knowledge and insights with us during this weekend. This program will feature sections led by Jill Hoyenga and Jeff Perkins.

Jill Hoyenga is a convinced Friend of 25 years who is a member of Eugene Friends Meeting, Oregon, a meeting of modest means. She has been the clerk of her meeting’s Finance Committee since its inception. This committee has been the catalyst for Spirit-led meeting-wide financial explorations. She has observed that “Nobody likes to present the least popular and most misunderstood report every time it is on the agenda.” Jill would like to share her experiences of turning this common experience of financial reporters on its head.

Jeff Perkins is Executive Director of Friends Fiduciary, a Quaker non-profit that provides professional, low cost, socially responsible investment management services exclusively to Friends meetings, churches and organizations.  He has over 30 years of financial management experience in the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.  Before joining Friends Fiduciary, he was Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration at the Franklin Institute.  Jeff is a longtime Friend and a member of Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting in Philadelphia where he has served as Treasurer and on the Finance, Worship & Ministry and Peace & Social Concerns committees.

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