FCNL seeks sign-up for visits to legislators


The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) regularly asks Friends to contact their Congresspersons and Senators about important legislation. On the ladder of engagement in this process, next to the top is a visit with the Congressperson and the rung just below is a visit with the Congressperson’s legislative aide. (The first rung has our emails to them.)

Since Congressional districts often included Friends from several Meetings, and having Friends from several Meetings visit a Congressperson or aide together is probably a plus, it is important to know which Friends in which Meetings are led to this witness, are in which district, and could be available for weekday meetings. Thus the sign-up sheet at this link is for this purpose.  Also see the FCNL lobby page.  You can look up your Congressional District at FCNL’s Congressional Directory, but this shows the districts before redistricting, which takes effect for this year’s elections.  For the new districts, see the Maryland Interactive Redistricting Map.  If your district changes, indicate both on the sign-up sheet.

If someone from each Meeting in the Quarter could be responsible for circulating it at his/ her Meeting and returning it to Stan Becker (3822 Tudor Arms Ave, Baltimore, Md 21211, sbecker@jhsph.edu) we can begin to organize our collective voice better. The list will be shared among the Baltimore Yearly Meeting representatives to FCNL and allow us contact Friends to plan/coordinate visits.

Thank you for your time and trouble.

Stan Becker Homewood Meeting and BYM rep to FCNL General Com.

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